" Swedish Crime Victims justice System  racist and dysfunctional"  
 Let's Kick Racism Out from Sweden!
2 July ASAP Rocky detained in Stockholm
The Brilliant Minds of Stockholm:  Let's face it like a Swede!
" A Swede  wouldn't be detained under these circumstances"
   Secretary General at Swedish Bar Association  Anne Ramberg

21 July 
I guess President Donald Trump has now been made aware of the fact that Sweden has an independent judiciary, and political meddling in it from whoever is distinctly off limits. Such a talented person as he should have known.
In Sweden everyone equal under the law including visitors from other countries.

Carl Bildt Swedish  PM 1991- 1994. Minister for Foreign Affairs oct 2006 - oct 2014.
2017 february Trump's Last Night in Sweden speech . 
Swedish curiosity. Carl Bildt on Twitter:  Is Trump  smoking pot? 
20 July
I will be calling the very talented Prime Minister of Sweden to see what we can do about helping A$AP Rocky. 
President of the United States, Donald Trump.
20 July
The Swedish government cannot or will not try to influence prosecutors or Swedish courts.
   Stefan Lofven Prime Minister of Sweden
19 July
Sorry Mr President. You have to respect and wait for the Swedish judicial system to process this matter.
The Swedish prime minister will not interfere. And neither should you.

Swedish Police  on twitter
19 July 
Swedish Prosecution Authority  ASAP Rocky Swedish jail another week or more while case investigated also "flight risk"
19 July
Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wes Convinces President Trump to Help Free A$AP Rocky
 17 July 
United States Department of State  Carl Risch Travels to Sweden
16 July 
Sweden Prosecutor-General, Petra Lundh launches furious attack Leif G.W Persson 
10 July  
 Unpleasant situation. I was a little surprised  unreasonable aggravated assault accusations.
The Swedish prosecutor  Fredrik Karlsson  Are Seeking  Minutes of Fame  this is not The Oscars Academy Awards.
I'm old-fashioned.  Swedish prosecutor  wearing a jacket  Liberace  probably hesitate to ware  and glitter earrings,

Leif G.W Persson. One of Sweden the best known and respected criminologist 
 Leif G.W Persson was involved Social Democratic Party scandal known as the Geijer affair in the 1970s
9 July 
No more sweden for me, ever
U.S. rappers are promising to put Sweden on the “no go” list for tour dates
Support from fans and celebrities is growing 

July 7 
A$AP Rocky misses Wireless Festival in the UK
2 July
 Instagram  asaprocky   
"So a few drug addicts are not my fans , we dont know these guys and we didnt want trouble.
They fallowed us for 4 blocks, and they were slapping girls butts who passed them, give me a breake"

In the Land of the Cyclops
They Did It Again:  "Oops" Swedish prosecutors International Embarrassment.
Why do Swedes not accept responsibility for their actions, instead blaming it on some unknown disease?

 - ASAP Rocky Case  Prove  that  Sweden Justice System Is Racist
 - Sweden worst countries in the world to make friends 
- The Whole World Knows  Why the Nobel Peace Prize Given by Norway 
- Finally Sweden's  Prime Minister War on the Constitution Has Reached a Breaking Point
The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 


 The Pandora's box of Sweden
 " The perfect Swedish home is threatened by nothing more than the truth "
Who We Are:  The EU's last indigenous peoples
Council of Europe Resolution CM/ResCMN(2018)9 

The Swedish socialist & Communist  state being held mainly responsible for developing methodology genocide of Indigenous peoples. 
   Corporate America agrees racism is bad for business but being a Sami in Sweden defending
indigenous peoples' rights   suicide mission or financial ruin. 
17 July 2019  The committee Elsa Renberg memorial written urgent request International criminal
court  start investigation genocide Sami People of Sweden.

The perfect Swedish home is threatened by nothing more than the truth "    
The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 

                                 Who We Are:  The EU's last indigenous peoples link

" The saddest pocahontas story ever written European Parliament History"
How Does Sweden  Keep Getting Away With It when Corporate America agrees racism is bad for business?
2019 July Finally, a breakthrough  American rappers boycott Sweden after A$AP Rocky arrest!
  Sweden Justice System Is Racist and toxic politicians cause scandalous  integration collaps  .
Today Sweden have over 190 different nationalities and Stockholm's  political elites &  cultural scene feels adrift incredibly racist. . The Sami people have lived in the Arctic region for thousands of years but Indigenous peoples in Sweden  face criminalization,  harassment when defending  their constitutional right.  The Swedish state ethnic discrimination  genocide of Sami population closely linked socialism &  communism dominance in  history. 2016 five sami representatives gatherd to realize first memorial prize in honor of Elsa Laula  Renberg.  March 2019  Two  Sami representatives  moved out from Sweden.

The Swedish house mafia is on fire . Business ethics  a dirty business getting clean.
Sweden continue to drop from annual  Corruption Perception Index (CPI). The polished surface of  Sweden Transperency   Board of Directors contain  former UN head of internal audit  Inga-Britt Ahlenius who accused the UN chief of incompetence and of running the organisation into the ground.  The lack of internal criticism a suicide mission running Sweden into the ground . Norwegian author  Karl Ove Knausgard  named Sweden  land of cyclop and Swedish  state-run by one-eyed socialist cyclop. The extent corruption scandals  & unresolved  Indigenous  conflicts  reduces  the probability that a firm will invest in Sweden. There's A Reason Why Swedish statistics indicate Suicide among Sami  Peoples higher than national average and there's a reason why Confederation of Swedish Enterprise been remarkably silent. 
Sweden lost the bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games . The krona is the worst major currency this 2019.  
United States New Ambassador to Sweden  PayPal Founder Ken Howery  Leaving the chair empty. 

July 2019 Stockholm Law Firm racist scandal:  How Does Sweden  Keep Getting Away With It?
 2011 According to  Swedish Constitution  Sami people and Swedes equal rights  &  equal responsibilities
The Stockholm Law Firm scandal shakes  foundation of democracy. The committee Elsa Renberg memorial recommendation to Sweden don't Act  that brutal and  primitive next time use nerve agent Novichok . The County Administrative Board of Stockholm, Sweden chancellor of justice , Government Offices of Sweden  &  Swedish Bar Association Secretary General Anne Ramberg is hold  mutally fully accountable  Law Firm racist  scandal. In fact there'no shortage of unsolved murder cases in Sweden.
Sweden don't be a Copycat find Your Own Way. This is Autumn Peltier  link 

The Swedish socialist &  Communist   state being held mainly responsible for developing the  scapegoat  methodology genocide of Indigenous peoples
Council of Europe Resolution CM/ResCMN(2018)9   
17 july 2019 The committee Elsa Renberg memorial formal written request International criminal court  start investigation genocide Sami People of Sweden. The Sami people  Sweden's forgotten Nazi survivors : Sweden being the first country in the world to establish a National Institute for Race Biology. The Swedish scapegoat  methodology  ethnic cleansing  to re-education camps similar methods  Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat  confiscated their property, and burned them.
It's a blank dirty page getting clean Sweden Nazi Legacy link 

"  The perfect Swedish home is threatened by nothing more than the truth"    
The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 

       Norge: Samene er urfolk – punktum link
Sverige Almedalen, 2019. ”Lapp ska vara lapp politiken” 
Här är frågorna som Löven och övriga partiledare vägrar svara på pdff länk 
Remiss samisk konsultationsordning pdf länk
Dokument : Norge Kommunal- og moderniseringsminister Monica Mæland pdf länk 
Kommittén för Elsa Renberg minne:

Why is the Nobel Peace Prize held in Norway?
Not one murder case  in 500 years: Swedes don't kill each other.
 Not one murder case 500 years of colonization: Swedes don't kill  Sami.
We Are Still Here

The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 

The Death in the Arctic 
Robert was stabbed to death in the Inuit village of Kangiqsujuaq, Quebec in March 2018 link

 1. Let the World Know!
Does Sweden have a  500 years  integration problem?
Swedish politician such racist idiots
 Sweden's Liberal party has elected a new leader. 
 Congratulations' Nyamko Sabuni First Black political  leader in Swedish history 

The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 
 2. Let the World Know!
 Indigenous Populist &  Aryan Surprise to Sweden? 
 Swedish Green Party Amanda Lind  Minister for Culture and Democracy claim Sami heritage 
But  Amanda Lind  is lying . We Are Still Here After more than 500 years of colonization

The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 
3. Let the World Know!
 Racism is bad for business
Swedish Krona, Worst Major Currency This Year
Swedish investment scam: Several billions SEK lost International  investment  last 
years according to Independent sources.

" Keep your Secret to the Grave"
The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 

4. Let the World Know!
  Sami in Sweden richest Indigenious in the world
Apartheid  marriage:  abusive unhappy  useless  paper millionaire 
The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 

  International News : Canadian genocide link 
2019 Memorial Prize  Elsa Laula Renberg
Swedish Nomination until 23 december: elsarenbergmemorial@gmail.com
The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 

Not too late - to make a difference link
Sweden SVT Sápmi Öppet hav - fruset land link 
Dokument: Sametinget till regeringen link
(SE) Regeringen förslag om konsultationsordning link

Kommittén för Elsa Renberg minne 
" Samer talar för sig själva som svenskar  behovet av strategiska satsningar för integration och vetenskaplig kompetens grovt åsidosatt"

- Kommittén fem ledamöter finansierar själv löpande kostnader 
- Under mars månad lämnade  två ledamöter Sverige
   -  Kommittén  består fortsatt av fem ledamöter
- Nomineringar inkommer via tidigare upparbetade  kanaler.
2019 UNESCOs år för Urfolksspråken går till historien
Kommittén för Elsa Renberg minne önskar samer och svenskar en underbar sommar.
 Brist på sommar- och fritidsaktiviteter?  
Läs Brottsbalken s.k. spridningsbrott och vållande ekonomisk skada vållande annans död
Konspirationer sabotage samiska - svenska samhället avrådes skarpa ordalag.

2018 minnesutmärkelse Elsa Laula Renberg
Enligt information har paket ej mottagits Maj-Lis Skaltje.
Leverans kommer ske dock kraftigt försenad pga nybeställning + ytterligare kostnader = leverans  juli 2019 

     Let the World Know!  
International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019
1. Increasing understanding, reconciliation and international cooperation.
2. Creating favourable conditions for knowledge-sharing and dissemination of good practices.
3. Integrating indigenous languages into a standard setting.
4. Empowering through capacity building.
5. Elaborating new knowledge to foster growth and development.

                                                              2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages ‏ pdf link                                                                                              2019: Año Internacional de las Lenguas Indígenas link
       2019 : Année internationale des langues autochtones link

                                                                                                     2019 :  الـسنـة الدولـيـة للغـات الشعوب األصلية link 
                                                                                                     2019   : 土 著 语 言 国 际 年 link


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2018 Sápmi Declared constitutional Crisis & State of Emergency. 
28 december The  Swedish racist pigs:The Chancellor of Justice Mari Heidenborg resist return White Fox objects link
12 September Council of Europe Resolution CM/ResCMN(2018)9  slams Sweden over treatment of Samis in focus link
17 december UN General Assembly adopted a resolution titled “Rights of Indigenous Peoples" in focus pdf link
5 december Democracy & human rights European-Union-Sanctions-Letter 90 undersigned organizations in focus pdf link

30 december Sweden Year in review in focus  pdf link
2019 NBC opinon anti- racism by Noah Berlatsky  link
They should have known better link

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