"Climate  &  Science"
2006, Nobel Laureate  Al Gore

"The Human Art of Diplomacy"
1938-2018 Kofi Atta Annan

" Exceptional efforts reclaim Sami culture"
Swedish national public television 

The chosen few -  A exclusive Sami Perspective Elsa Renberg International goodwill list.
1877-1931 Elsa Laula Renberg is a pioneer in the history  Europe's Indigenous Sami people.
The history of Sweden democracy is young. Sweden achieved a system of full democratic representation also for women 1921.
 Today Indigenous Sami people rights as important  women's right to vote. Elsa Laula Renberg was one very special brave women with outstanding Civil courage inspiring  others to follow her good example today. Place of burial: Dolstad Church in Norway.

Selection Memorabilia and influential people
                       1917  6- 9 February. Trondheim Sami assembly chairman Daniel Mortenson
                             1992 Nobel Peace Prize:  Rigoberta Menchú  Latin America's Indian population
                           1996 World Heritage List : The Laponian Area  located in northernmost Sweden
          2002 Science: Dr. John Herrington first Indigenous  Astronaut in Space
                                                         2018 Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland first Native American women elected to U.S. Congress!

" We Are Living in ‘Strange and Uncertain Times, where those in powers seek to undermine
every insitution or norm that gives democracy meaning"
Speech by Barack Obama & 50th Anniversary of MLK's Death

The perfect Swedish home is threatened by nothing more than the truth"    
The committee Elsa Renberg memorial 
non-profit, non-political non-governmental initiative.

The chosen few- A exlusive Sami Perspective  Elsa Renberg International goodwill listing

1. Non-commercial &  Non profit  listing  
 a.  Life time listing: Exceptional events can revoke  life time listing.

                           Non-commercial &  Non profit  listing : - Kofi Annan Foundation - The Climate reality project - Swedish public service television

                                                                                                                 2. Commercial Goodwill Listing:
                                                   a. Evaluation every 2 year - Listing can be revoked withdrawn - Certification after 4 years diploma & medal
                                                          2018 Commercial Goodwill Listing: IKEA Sweden - Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

                             Sami National Day 6th february 2019. Non-commercial &  Non profit  listing  certification  diploma & medal.

Letter to the future scandalized dying European generation
Europe's only indigenous people: Racism It's Deeper Than the Color of Our Skin
  What will be your legacy?  This names forever scandalized.  

 Criteria  International - domestic boycott list
The boycott list serious reminder  everyone personal , ethical, legal responsibility  don't aggravate situation
support  unresolved political  crimes  Europe's only indigenous people.

 1. Violating Swedish Constitution 2.  The criminalization of science . 3. Violation United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 4.  Violation United Nation Declaration on human rights. 5. Violating ILO Convention No. 169 Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries. 6.  Violation EU Member States international obligations.
7.  Violation council of Europe Resolution CM/ResCMN(2018)9 

Processing Procedures
 1Evaluation Checklists & Ethical considerations
2. Pending:  written complaint & warning 
3. Listing & Publication

 International Corporate boycott

1. LKAB Swedish state-owned Swedish mining company

2. SAS Scandinavian Airlines 

3.   International Land and Forest Tenure Facility.

4. Forbes Magazine 

5. Twitter 

Sweden Local boycott
1. Sweden health and Social Care Inspectorate​

2.  Swedish Enforcement Authority or "Lappfogden"

3.Facebook Sweden AB

June 2019 Facebook fined $5bn for Cambridge Analytica privacy violations 
4. The Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA)
Director general Carin Jamtin 
Party secretary of the Social Democrats 2011-2016 

Until further notice 
International Festivals and Cultural Events in Sweden Please Boycott Stockholm​​​​​​
The Committee of Elsa Renberg Memorial Prize    

                   2018 world`s most ongoing ambitious Indigenous projects?
                                                                                    Canda and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  link